Conference Call

Une conférence téléphonique de 3:20 (après c’est une pub)

A 3:20 conference call (followed by an ad)

Eine 3:20 lange Telefonkonferenz (bevor die Werbung kommt)

PayPal vittet üm fertrauliche invormations…

Lіеbег Kundе,

Wіг геgеlmäßіg аllе Vοгgängе іm ΡауΡаl, Im Rаhmеn unѕегег Ѕісhегhеіtѕmаßnаhmеn ргüfеn.

Vіttе fοlgеn Ѕіе dеn untеn gеnnаntеn Ѕеіtе Um ѕісh еіnzulοggеn und dеn Kοntοzugгіff wіеdегhегzuѕtеllеn:

Ηегzlісhе Gгüßе,

How is german public TV organized?

Have a look at this spot if you want to understand german public tv. Each actor is a public german broadcaster. The ARD-broadcasters are on the left side, the ones from ZDF are at the right. They are trying to work together and establish a new channel for younger audiences.

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